Here's the deal. I am just an ice cream loving, dog crazy, Target obsessed girl beginning my life’s work as a hair stylist! The hats I wear include teaching social media & extensions, dog mama, & wife. My husband, Josh, is my biggest fan and for some reason supports my outrageous ideas. I have always been creative and truly enjoyed doing hair. I have so much joy for my career as a hair stylist and it’s only getting started. Grateful to have learned that when we take time to thank God for our lives, talents + flaws, He opens opportunities for us to grow and share our magic with the lives of others to embellish them too.

tori johnston

We pride ourselves on the client's experience. It is in our hearts that our clients leave our salon feeling empowered and well cared for. We believe in the art of listening so that our clients feel personally heard. By doing this, we help them feel important and cared for, which results in their ability to reach new goals, feel empowered to discover their own brand of beautiful, and learn what we already know: that they are badass babes!

stag & doe salon