one on one

One on one shadowing is an in-person immersive experience. You will have the opportunity to see my day to day flow working with an assistant and how I formulate and strategize when it comes to installing and customizing for my IBE® guest.

My favorite thing about the experience is helping stylists learn how to work with an assistant, get organized in their business, and custom color extensions after install.

Invisible bead extensions® Shadowing

 We can rarely grow alone, so having the opportunity to create high quality connections throughout the Invisible Bead Extensions® community is vitally important for everyone's growth. My goal for you after the shadowing experience is for you to walk away more confident than ever to get back in the salon to perfect and expand your IBE® clientele. 

A normal workday is working with my IBE® certified co-stylist and double booking. I do about 3 move ups and 3 colors a day. All of my guests wear IBE®. My co-stylist helps me bead, stitch, color, rinse, tone, and style. We utilize every minute we are in the salon so no time is wasted. Each week I do about 8-10 IBE® move ups.

I am an IBE® exclusive stylist, so I only offer services to guests wearing extensions, or those interested in getting IBE®.

Invisible bead extensions® Shadowing